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If you are a member of the Association and you are interested in joining a Branch near you, please e-mail your details to the in the first instance.

Scotland Branch Events 2023

The report states the Scottish Branch is doing well, with new members who will hopefully be able to meet up with the other Branch Members on their days out.

In April, several members met up for the usual chat and lunch, which was said to be lovely.

There are two future events booked, the first being in Glasgow, meeting in September at La Bonne Auberge for lunch. The second is a booked lunch in the Dome in Edinburgh in November

Scotland Branch Event 2022

Scotland 01.jpeg

Finally the Scottish Branch managed to get together! We met in Dundee at a new Bistro style place and had an excellent lunch along with some refreshments!

There were only four of us plus an ex MA (my husband) but we had a good long chat, catching up with everyones lives.

We are getting short of members, due to a number of deaths over the last couple of years, so if there are any QARNNS in the Scotland area who would like to join us, please do get in touch. We try and meet up in various places around Scotland, so that the travelling is shared out between us all.

Late November we a hoping to have lunch at the Dome in Edinburgh (providing we can get a booking), so it would be lovely to see some new faces there! - Jan Evans


Scotland Branch Day Out December 2019


Branch Secretary Mrs Janet Evans met up, prior to Christmas, with other Branch Members, for lunch and shopping at the Dome in Edinburgh and highlighted how magnificent the decorations were.

Scotland Branch Day Out August 2019


The Scottish Branch recently met for a day out at Discovery W Quay, Dundee. The secretary, Mrs Janet Evans, highlighted they had a new member join them and a good day was had by all. Janet also mentioned that they now have three Rosemarys in the group, but fortunately they each have their own monikers - Rose, Rosie and Rosemary!

Some of the group visited the V&A Museum and highlighted there are a number of interesting exhibitions coming up, including a Mary Quant Exhibition - a thought for another day?


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