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                  The Falkland Islands Conflict
                    2 April 1982 - 14 June 1982

Despite the islands having been under British possession since 1833, Argentina has long claimed ownership, with the islands located approx 300miles off Argentina's east coast.

When Argentina's diplomatic efforts to reclaim the islands failed, they resolved to take them by force. Faced with an assault on the British people who inhabited the islands, British response was swift
with a task force of over one hundred ships setting sail for the Falklands just days after the Argentina invasion.

Between the 16th and 19th of April 1982, SS Uganda entered No 2 dry dock in Gibraltar and emerged as HMHS Uganda with a newly white pained funnel adorned with painted red crosses. HMHS Uganda left Gibraltar with 130 medical staff and 37 female QARNNS personnel. This was the first time British Naval Nurses had operated at sea within a conflict zone.

During her time in the Falklands, HMHS Uganda received 730 casualties and 504 operations were carried out in her theatres.

Following weeks of intensive fighting, Argentinian forces surrendered on 14 June 1982 - since known as "Liberation Day  and is now a national holiday. 


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