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Please be aware, you will need to be a member of the QARNNS Association to attend most events, with the exception of the QARNNS Service of Remembrance at Portsmouth Cathedral, at which all QARNNS are welcome (but would need to be a member or an invited guest for the Branch lunch).


​ Members of the Association who wish to volunteer to represent the   QARNNS Association at the Field of Remembrance on Thursday 9   November 23 please forward your name to me by 31 July 2023


  • ​WELCOME to the new Chairman of the QARNNS Association

       Commander Alison M W Burgess MSc QARNNS Royal Navy

       (see handover of Chairman for details) ​​​​


  • QARNNS Association Annual General Meeting 2023

       To be held w/e 30 June - 2 July

        (Please see dedicated page for further details)


  • ​ The QARNNS Annual Service of Remembrance

       To be held in St Luke's Church, HASLAR, Gosport at 1200 noon

        Tuesday 7 November 2023.

        (Please see dedicated page for full details when available)

  • ​ Matron in Chief Patricia Gould, CBE, RRC, QARNNS (Retired)

       1924 - 2023   (Please see dedicated page for details)

  • Matron in Chief Margaret E Collins, CBE, RRC, QARNNS (Retired)

       1927 - 2023  (Please see dedicated page for details)


  • A Message from Steve Spencer Giving Clarity on Copyright of Insignias


       We now have an approved insignia, which can be viewed on the page                 headers of this QARNNS Association website

       Approval and a licence is required from the MoD for any merchandise                 utilising insignia (in our case QARNNS). If a licence is obtained, annual               reports of total sales have to be submitted to MoD.



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