Please be aware, you will need to be a member of the QARNNS Association to attend most events, with the exception of the QARNNS Service of Remembrance at Portsmouth Cathedral, at which all QARNNS are welcome (but would need to be a member or an invited guest for the Branch lunch).

  •  The QARNNS Association AGM will be held at the Hilton Hotel, Birmingham       M6/J7 Saturday 17 September 2022 - Further information will follow on     designated page.

      Included within the cost of this AGM, is a visit to the National Memorial Arboretum

      It should be noted that 2022 is the 120th Anniversary of the QARNNS and the 40th 

      Anniversary of the Falklands war, what better time to attend?

      If you have never visited the Arboretum before, it is a sight to behold, which                  evokes so many emotions. Those of you who have, I am sure will bear testament          to that statement.

  • QARNNS Association Committee VACANCIES

      Please could names of volunteers for the CHAIRMAN's post be forwarded to the          Secretary Carol Lewis - email:  (with a proposer

      and seconder) Be reassured, whoever decides to take on this task, will be                      inheriting a highly experienced and knowledgable committee, who are ready and          willing to aid in the smooth transition. Please give serious consideration to taking        on this role - as discussed in the QARNNS Association Newsletter, the                          Association needs you.


      The Association Committee also has an up and coming vacancy. Please forward

      Carol your name along with the names of your proposer and seconder, if you are

      interested in taking on this role

      Closing dates for the above vacancies - 31 August 2022

      Capt Steve Spencer (Rtd) who is currently serving as Acting Chairman, for the              Association, explained in the Summer (2021) edition of the QARNNS Association          Newsletter, that given the strange times and our inability to hold an AGM in 2020          to find his replacement, agreed to continue in the role until the 2022 AGM, which          will soon be upon us.

  • The QARNNS Annual Service of Remembrance is to be held in Portsmouth Cathedral, High Street, Old Portsmouth, PO1 2HA, at 1200 noon

      Tuesday 8 November 2022.


       Please see dedicated page for full details.



  • A Message from Steve Spencer Giving Clarity on Copyright of Insignias


       We now have an approved insignia, which can be viewed on the page headers

       of this QARNNS Association  website

       Approval and a licence is required from the MoD for any merchandise utilising

       insignia (in our case QARNNS). If a licence is obtained, annual reports of total

       sales have to be submitted to MoD.…/pu…/mod-copyright-licensing-information


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