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       The QARNNS Annual Service of Remembrance is to be held in                 Portsmouth Cathedral, High Street, Old Portsmouth, PO1 2HA, at             1200 noon Tuesday 8 November 2022.


       We invite members and their guests to join us at this service.


       If you have not attended the cathedral, in person, it is highly                     recommended, the service and the setting is second to none,                 being both beautiful and poignant.

       Refreshments are available after the service. These are funded by           the QARNNS Association for its members and as a gift to serving           personnel. Member's guests are welcome to join us but we would           ask you to consider a donation towards the cost.


       If it is your intention to attend, for the purpose of numbers for                 catering, please would you message the Social Secretary

       Judi Brown, as Portsmouth Branch Chair, stated she would be                 organising a lunch, for the Portsmouth Branch Members and their          guests @ 1330 – probably at the ABarBistro. Any QARNNS                      Association members who are not Portsmouth Branch members are

      welcome. Please contact Judi if you wish to attend. 

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