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06.09.49 - 08.11.23


It is with great sorrow, we have received the news that Captain J (Judi) Brown, ARRC, QARNNS (Rtd) crossed the bar during the morning of Wednesday 8th November. 

Having trained at the Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow, Judi joined the QARNNS on 3 March 1975.

Following various postings to RNH GIBRALTAR, RNH HASLAR, RNH MALTA, RNH PLYMOUTH, SQ HMS RALEIGH, MDHU Derriford, In January 2000 Commander Brown was promoted to Captain and became Director of Naval Nursing Services and Matron in Chief.


In her last role, on becoming Director of Defence Nursing Services, in July 2000, Captain Brown was promoted to Commodore having over all responsibility of Head of Defence Nursing for the three services, before retiring as a Captain in 2001. 

Judi has been a member of the QARNNS Association for 45years, having held the positions of Honourable Treasurer and more recently, President of the Association, from 2016, standing down in 2022.

Judi's hobbies included gardening, walking, reading, sailing and ski-ing.

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