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   The QARNNS Annual Service of Remembrance is to be held in        St Luke's Church, Royal Haslar Waterfront Village,

Haslar Road, Alverstoke, Gosport PO12 2AA,

at 1200 noon Tuesday 7 November 2023.


 We invite members and their guests to join us at this service.


At the end of the Service, there will be the blessing and the dedication of the QARNNS Association Standard. The venue of the Service is giving many members the opportunity to return to the place where they joined - RNH HASLAR and for those who have never been to HASLAR, the opportunity to see it first hand. 

Refreshments are available after the service in the Boardroom (formerly the Medical Mess). These are funded by  the QARNNS Association for its members and as a gift to serving  personnel. Member's guests are welcome to join us but we would  ask you to  make a £5.00 donation towards the cost.


If it is your intention to attend, it is important if you contact the Newsletter editor or for the purpose of collating  numbers for catering. 

The Portsmouth Branch Chair stated she would be organising a lunch, for the Portsmouth Branch Members and their guests.  Any QARNNS Association members who are not Portsmouth Branch members are welcome. Please contact The Portsmouth Branch Chair, as per newsletter, if you wish to attend. 

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